The companies in the gaiasense HUB by NEUROPUBLIC

The gaiasense HUB by NEUROPUBLIC is much more than a simple building. It is about bringing together innovators in technology and the agri-food sector. In a state-of-the-art building, a system of holistic approach to the subject has been created for the first time in Greece, offering integrated solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.

Under the gaiasense HUB umbrella are the following companies:

NEUROPUBLIC is one of the largest and most dynamic Informatics & Technology companies in Greece. Since 2003, the year it was founded, it has been following a steady upward course and is now a leader in the market.

The company is active in the fields of agriculture, telecommunications, defense and the aerospace industry, Earth observation, computerization of public and private organizations and digital documentation.

The aim is to play an important role in the upgrading and the digital transformation and development of the agri-food sector, as well as the general government and local authorities, by developing specialized information systems and providing integrated products and specially designed services.

In this context, the company supports the Greek farmer in his effort to made better and more competitive products, by offering innovative services and useful technological tools, such as the gaiasense smart farming system. At the same time, NEUROPUBLIC supports a large number of Greek municipalities that use its high quality information systems to, efficiently and reliably, cater to all their administrative processes, while serving their citizens.

Today, more than more than 800,000 final users in agriculture and public governance benefit from the company’s products and services.

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GAIA EPICHEIREIN was established in 2014, the result of a broader alliance between agricultural cooperative organizations that collaborated with strategic partners from the IT and banking sector in order to serve a common vision for a more sustainable and competitive Greek agriculture.

GAIA EPICHEIREIN is the most important service provider to Greek producers, businesses and their organizations, for the effective use of the tools and measures of both the 1st Pillar (direct payments) and the 2nd Pillar (rural development) of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

At the same time, it uses its extensive expertise, as well as a variety of European and national financial tools, to provide services that support the healthy and sustainable business development, and extroversion of the representatives of Greece’s agricultural sector, as well as the strengthening of cooperation between them.

The common denominator of all its services is technological innovation, with the continuous development of digital tools, such as the gaiasense smart farming system designed by NEUROPUBLIC, GAIA’s technology partner, which are a dynamic part of the Greek and pan-European effort for the digitalization of the production process. These digital tools are made available through the mygaia portal, enhancing knowledge and networking among all stakeholders in the primary and wider agri-food sector. 

For the more effective development of its activities, GAIA has designed and is operating a nationwide network of certified Farmers’ Service Centres, which is actively supporting Greek producers and provides them with information and easy access to its services.

In the meantime, an important supporting role for the successful development of GAIA’s activity and services is played by its successful involvement in European projects related to its strategic priorities, as well as its long-standing presence in Brussels, with active participation in prestigious European bodies.

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AGRON S.A. is an agricultural resources and environment information management company, which, since its establishment in 2003, provides services related to the primary sector and the industrial agricultural activity to individual producers and agri-food production groups.

Using modern technological tools, such as smart farming, and promoting sustainability, its activities aim to improve the environmental and economic performance of farms through the production of quality and safe agricultural products.

In this context, the company is focused on the preparation of studies, the provision of advice, the training of the farmers in new cultivation techniques and methods, as well as the support of the implementation of quality systems.

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Axion Agrotiki is a consultancy company in the olive oil sector. Its aim is to map the market conditions and the demands of olive growers, to detect future developments in time and to propose innovative actions tailored to the real needs of private and cooperative enterprises.

The company provides advice on investment and development programmes, infrastructure projects and promotional activities, and helps to improve the quality of olive products by designing and installing integrated management, food hygiene, safety, quality management, traceability and environmental protection systems. At the same time, it develops partnerships with institutions, persons, cooperatives and businesses abroad, fostering Greek businesses in international markets.

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gaiasense HUB is a port of call for the pooling, dissemination and production of knowledge, innovation and best practices, aiming at the transition to a sustainable, green and digital rural economy.