The synergies

For NEUROPUBLIC, the creation of the gaiasense HUB and the chance to bring together under the same roof pioneer companies in their respective fields, opens new horizons and enables multiple synergies, mainly related to the strengthening and transformation of the agri-food sector.

The aim of the gaiasense HUB by NEUROPUBLIC is to establish a new model of cooperation, a hub for the concentration and diffusion of knowledge and innovation, for highlighting good practices that will contribute to the transition to a sustainable, green and digital rural economy.

NEUROPUBLIC’s “ecosystem”, as it has been formed to date with the partnership of GAIA EPICHEIREIN and AGRON S.A., has acquired the form of a sustainable agri-food cooperative formation, which performs the role of an intermediary of knowledge, technology and advice with the final recipient being the farmer.

The combination of know-how, specialization and intense activity that these three Greek companies have developed for the improvement of the sustainability of Greek agriculture based on knowledge and innovation, places gaiasense HUB by NEUROPUBLIC at the forefront of Greek, European and international developments in relation to the primary and wider agri-food sector.

The exploitation of this potential can take on huge proportions, both for Greek and European standards, with the active participation of the extensive network of partners and the development of multi-level synergies between the companies involved in the gaiasense HUB and other organizations and institutions, with the aim of jointly addressing contemporary challenges.

The development of multi-level synergies between the gaiasense HUB partners and other, internationally renowned, organisations and institutions aims at jointly addressing contemporary challenges.