A vision for the future

The gaiasense HUB by NEUROPUBLIC is the culmination of NEUROPUBLIC’s philosophy and aspires to become the de facto centre of ideas, initiatives and actions in relation to planning the future of the Greek and European agri-food sector.  

The gaiasense HUB by NEUROPUBLIC was designed with the aim to become a new paradigm of cooperation with research programmes, international organizations, institutions and companies with extensive know-how in the field of agri-food and technology, as well as with the institutions themselves. It was created as a hub for innovation, research, education, networking, and digital transformation, contributing in a meaningful way to the management of the problems faced by Greek and European agriculture and society. 

A high-impact project for the Piraeus industrial area

The gaiasense HUB by NEUROPUBLIC is a new breeding ground for ideas, research, collaborations and innovation in Greece. It is housed in the second privately owned building of NEUROPUBLIC, an Informatics and Technology company in Piraeus, in a former industrial and currently run-down area, which, in recent years, has been reinvented to become a centre of entrepreneurship, modeled along the lines of London’s City. 

The state-of-the-art gaiasense HUB by NEUROPUBLIC has distinctive architectural elements that respect the special history of the area, and is already a landmark of the new identity of Piraeus.

total space
conference center
office space
industrial warehouse
planned workstations